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Duct Cleaning & Duct Repair


Each year, leaky ducts in homes and businesses increase energy bills. About 20% of the air used by cooling systems is wasted because of duct leaks and systems may draw as much as 0.5 (kW) of electricity during peak cooling periods.

The Florida Solar Energy Research Center says, "The single largest energy waste in existing Florida homes occurs as the result of leaking in air conditioning duct systems." FPL says 7 out of 10 Florida homes have leaky heating and air conditioning ductwork.

But leaky ducts do more than increase energy consumption: They also compromise safety and indoor air quality. Sealing ducts can cut energy use & improve comfort by:

  • Cutting energy use
  • Improving air flow rate delivered to a space
  • Uncovering potential safety problems caused by carbon monoxide gas from furnace and water heaters
  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing the infiltration of dust, humidity and outdoor fumes and odors

Duct cleaning and Source removal will clean the particulates already existing in your ventilation system. These particulates can contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality resulting in health problems such as sneezing and coughing.

Steps to proper duct cleaning & source removal

  • Blower assembly is to be cleaned in place or removed to be cleaned depending on condition of the blower
  • Evaporator coil is to be chemically cleaned in place with non-acid coil cleaner or coils may have to be removed if impacted
  • All grills are to be removed, hand washed and sanitized
  • Commercial grade negative HEPA vacuum is to be used to place duct work under a negative HEPA pressure
  • 100% brush sweep or hand vacuum of entire supply duct system
  • Air handler insulation is to be HEPA vacuumed with portable unit to remove all dust and mold build-up
  • At the completion of cleaning the system, it will be sanitized with OXINE solution while under negative pressure
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